Know what you're eating: bread!

Know what you're eating: bread!

Whole grain bread vs white bread

Whole grain bread is made by using the entire grain: the bran (outer layer), endosperm (middle layer), and germ (inner part). This is why whole grain bread contains all the healthy vitamins, minerals, fibre andfats of the grain.  To produce white bread only the germ is used. This part of the grain contains hardly contains any nutrients and fibre.

The perks of eating high in fibres

- Carbohydrates release glucose into the blood quickly, but by adding fibres to a meal the glucose will be released into the blood a lot slower. This means your blood sugar will be more stable and you will be energetic for a lot longer (instead of suffering from sugar dips.)
- Fibres create a long-lasting feeling of being satiated.

Rye grains

- Rye bread contains more fibre then wheat grains.
- Rye bread contains more iron then wheat grains, this is important for your energy level.
- Rye bread contains less carbs then wheat grains.

Spelt grains

- The most important nutrients of spelt are kept in the germ (the inner part) of the grain. This means the nutrients keep intact when white bread is produced.
- Spelt is known as a grain which is easier to digest for people.

Sour dough

- Sour dough is created by a fermentation process. How does that work? Flour naturally contains lactic acid bacteria and wild yeast. These two ingredients create a biochemical reaction (fermentation). This way, all the available sugars will be turned into lactic acid. The healthy bacteria (intestinal flora) in your intestines feed there selves with lactic acid. So, eating sour dough keeps your intestine healthy.
- Consumption of sour dough helps the bacterium in our intestines to help digestion.
- Sour dough has a smaller effect on blood glucose levels then whole grain bread.

All of the above types of grains have their own quality. But just remember: when you eat any type of grain, choose whole grains. This way you’re making sure you get as many fibers as you possibly can!